Sometimes you’ll run into a situation where you’ll want to follow several people on Twitter at once.  Not in a spammy way, but let’s say someone posts a list of people you are interested in following.

This is pretty common on many blogs, such as 150+ Experts on Twitter ALL Job Seekers MUST Follow.  There are also many bloggers, such as PR Juggernaut, Gini Dietrich, who posts her #FollowFriday list on her blog Spin Sucks.  Take a look at that last recommendation!!

ather than take 10 minutes or longer to click on each Twitter account, and then follow… there is a much easier way.  Ninja Follow is the Twitter tool I use.  Here’s how it works:

1.  Go to Ninja Follow (click link)

2.  Sign in using your Twitter login info (it’s secure, I’ve used this tool before)

3.  Copy and paste the Twitter handles you want to follow.

4.  Click “Ninja Follow” (*note: Do not worry if you are already following folks, it will automatically let you know)

5.  (Only if your Twitter settings are sent to receive updates via your phone through SMS text)  You’ll need to go to the new folks you’ve just followed and of the SMS updates.  Go to Twitter and click the button to see who you’re “Following”.  You will need to click on the settings tab and turn off the SMS button.  Otherwise (I learned the hard way), you’ll get 100 text messages in about 4 minutes and you’re phone may self destruct.

And that’s it.  A cool Twitter App to save you some time and hassle.

Additional Benefit:

I am a co-founder of Social Media Breakfast – Chicago (a social media networking group in the Windy City who discusses business challenges and social media trends in the wee bits of the A.M.).  I used Ninja Follow for our blog to let people instantly follow all those who attended.  See Here

Hope this little tool makes some of your tasks easier.   How can see yourself using Ninja Follow?