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Yesterday, I posted 28 Days of Blogging.  Basically it was a simple and short post about how I plan on blogging every day for the month of February.  It was a pure test and challenge to myself to keep the Real-Time Marketer blog up and active every single day for the month.  I wasn’t expecting much from this simple post, certainly not in the form of ReTweets, blog comments, or reactions.

I was wrong.

Although the post was a personal test to me, others have jumped onto the idea and dove in headfirst to ignite their own blogs.  After a few minutes from publishing the post, my friend and social media shaker, Tyler Hurst set a friendly challenge.

So, after several other enthusiastic bloggers have jumped on and agreed to also post each day for 28 days…it’s time to ignite some inspirational fire.

The 28 Day Blogging Challenge

What: Very simple, a blog for 28 days in a row.

When: For 28 Days in a row (I’m blogging the month of February but as long as its 28 days, it doesn’t matter when you start)

Report Your Results: This is key.  You need to know your base, so you can evaluate how you’re doing.  After your 28 days, we want to know how much you increased traffic, subscribers, or whatever else your goals were.

Why 28 Days? The 28 days is important.  We’re not trying to form a habit, who wants to blog every day?  Not me.  Besides, according to Clinical Psychologist, Peter Brown, it takes about 66 days to form a habit (on average).  But there are specific goals I want to achieve.

  • I want to increase traffic to this blog
  • I want to increase RSS Subscribers
  • I want to create some momentum for this blog
  • I want to reach a new audience that is unfamiliar with this blog
  • I want to be a better writer

The 28 days is important because it’s simple.  Exactly 4 full weeks.  It’s not a month or 30 days that can start and end on random days.  It’s for 4 full weeks.  I started on a Monday, I’ll end in 4 weeks on a Sunday.  Pretty simple to grasp.  It’s also long enough to produce real results.  28 days in a row is room to write a considerable amount of new content.  Even if you average 2 posts per week, it would take 14 weeks to produce what you now will in 4.

We Learn From Each Other

The best thing about involving others is that you can push each other when you’re not feeling productive or inspired.  Blogging can be a pretty lonely task.  The thoughts of “Is anyone really reading this” certainly creep in from time to time.  It’s also nice to see real results from regular people.  Not that I don’t enjoy following the careers and thoughts of the “gurus” like Chris Brogan and Darren Rowse, but…it’s hard to relate.  The nice thing about this is that I am you.  Just a regular guy with a handful or readers and interest trying to share some ideas with others.

Throughout this process, you need to identify 3-5 ways you’re going to increase traffic, subscribers, post comments, and whatever else your goals happen to be.  Over time, just report how it’s working.  We all learn from this process.

Here’s the 5 I will start with (I may adjust over the process)

  1. Earlier Publishing Time: I am a night owl by nature and usually save time for writing at night.  This poses a problem because blog posts are often immediate.  If you publish at 10 pm, most RSS subscribers won’t look at the previous night.  They look for what publishes that day and will completely miss most of what you publish.  I will publish earlier to open exposure to a larger demographic.
  2. Change My URL Shortener: Because I focus on content and not at all on SEO, the large majority of my traffic comes from social networks and not Google.  The problem with this is that most URL Shorteners like and rarely show as traffic on Google Analytics.  I have had several posts reach more hits by themselves than Google Analytics gives me credit for the entire month.  So I will change what I use to try and get more accurate results.
  3. Post To More LinkedIn Groups: In addition to the Group I manage on LinkedIn, I am a member of a lot more.  Yet rarely do I market my content to these groups.  I will change that.
  4. The sheer amount of new posts: Kinda a cop-out I know, being that the challenge auto-creates more posts.  But this def will bring more traffic.
  5. New Content Format: Up till now, I have only provided written content.  I will incorporate videos here and there to offer a different content angle as well as to add some personality into my posts.

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