I’m sorry, but I think the new anti-spam feature on Twitter is uber lame.  I also cannot for the life of me understand why people…and lots of them…actively complain about all of the spam throughout the day.

A few days ago I noticed that Twitter recently stepped up efforts to control spammers by inserting a “Report (insert twitter name) for spam” option.

I’ve written a little about this in my previous post, Most Twitter Statistics Are Worthless .  My guess for the new feature is that Twitter is trying to get a hold on spam before their new “Lists” feature goes live.  There are possibilities that these new lists could be flooded with unwanted tweets and profiles.

But I still can’t understand what all the crying is about.

Do any of my Twitter followers send spam tweets, of course?  Do I pay attention to them, no?  The high majority of tweets are completely ignored by me.  I have a select number of groups on Tweetdeck to filter noise, and almost everything else passes by on my “All Friends” column.

Twitter is not like an email inbox where anyone with your address can fill it with junk.  You cannot get a Direct Message, or DM, without first choosing to follow that person.  If someone is getting extra spammy, you can simply unfollow that individual.  Problem solved.

The only time where you’ll get multiple DM’s at once is if you choose to mass follow lots of new folks…but remember…YOU chose to follow them.

Yes, I have been getting more @ replies from people I don’t know including my name with a link.  Is it annoying…sure?  But Twitter is an open and free platform so how much can I really complain about a few inconveniences.

Comparable Alternatives  to Complaining About Twitter Spam:

  • Calling the cable company because a channel isn’t airing shows you find worthwhile (Don’t watch that channel)
  • Upset that a store at the mall sells products you don’t find worthwhile (Don’t shop at that store)
  • Complaining a friend on Facebook floods your NewsFeed with crap (Defriend or hide the updates)

When did we all become such whiners?

Where am I missing this?  I want to hear from you on your opinions and where you disagree…comment below.