I’m coming up on the halfway mark of the 28 Day Blogging Challenge.  I’ll reveal my complete results at the end of this experiment but so far this little challenge has proven to me once again that going halfway will produce zero results.  Both Feet have to be in.

I’ve always done ok here at RTM.  My posts were usually well-received when I wrote them.  But the activity was to scattered to build a true following.  I’ve always been very active on Twitter and because of that, that’s where I’ve had the most success.

This month I’ve taken a headfirst dive into this blog and regardless of the final tally for web traffic and subscribers, I’ve already won.  In the last 12 days, I have seen a great boost in my numbers, but even more importantly I’ve been reminded over and over about how much I love doing it.

Social media is not the hokey pokey. Both feet are in, or they aren’t.

Either you are going to decide to have a presence or you’re not.  Either you are going to maintain a blog or you’re not.  Much of the success is determined by just being active and engaged.  You can always tweak to optimize results.  I’ve stated many occasions that an inactive Twitter account is the same if not worse than having one at all.  The same goes for your blog or any other prescience you have online.  If your blog is strictly for venting and your twitter account is purely for personal reasons then you can get away with spotty activity.

But if your brand or business has jumped into the social media space, either you’re a player or your not.

This is not a time to dip your toes in the water to see if it’s safe.  Do your research and focus intensely on a strategy.  The social media waters run fast…but if your strategy is solid then the water may be rough at first, but at least you know you’re going in the right direction.

Not every channel is going to make sense for your brand, but do your research and select the channels that lead to the most opportunities.  Then make the commitment to dominate it and just go for it.  You don’t need to be the most-watched YouTube video of all time…but as long as you’re passionate and putting our great content for your network, you’re making waves and pushing forward as best you can.

  • Working out 4 days a month will not get you in shape.
  • Watering a garden every other week won’t grow plants.
  • 2 Amazing blog posts a month don’t gain momentum for your blog…

…it just reminds people of all of your potential you’re not utilizing.

(note: Based on the marketing wisdom of Tyler Hurst, I’ve changed this blog title to its the current name as well as a complementing pic.  The previous title was ok, but not great.  It’s always great to have smart friends who push you to a higher level.)