How is it that some people are hyper-productive while the rest of us struggle just to get a few things done. You know these people…they’re the ones who seem to blog, guest blog, travel, manage a career, maybe kids, write books, find time to consistently launch new projects, and still get enough sleep. How?

Have they found a time and space warp where they suspend time and able to punch out more activities? Perhaps. But probably not. Are these the time management wonders of the world? Perhaps. But probably not.

The reality is that everyone’s time is equal. We all have the same 1,440 minutes in the day. The issue is not about managing time, but managing priorities.

Eliminating Distractions

How many times per day are you reading blogs about subjects you could be writing about. How many times per day are you reading the news that you can’t change? How many times are you thumbing through Facebook posts from “friends?” There is no way to say how much time you actually waste by these little 5 minute time sucks…but it’s to easy to say it’s quite a bit.

Quit trying to manipulate time into getting more things done and start eliminating all the small things throughout the day that eat at our productivity. Turn off your phone. Close email. Block YouTube and Twitter and Facebook and Skype and focus damn it!

Wait, what was I saying? I just got 4 texts, 3 Skype IM’s, 8 emails, 5 emails on my Gmail, and a Breaking News notification on my iPhone. Seriously.

What Are You Willing To Give Up?

Get honest about what you really want to achieve. And get more honest about what you’re willing to give up to get it. Are you willing to quit going out on Saturday nights? Are you willing to completely become pop-culture ignorant because you haven’t turned on a TV in months? Are you willing to give up every distraction in your life that doesn’t move you closer to the goals you’ve set?

If it’s real…start sacrificing the small-time wasters that don’t provide any value other than distractions. If it’s not…then quit kidding yourself. Time management isn’t complicated, it’s just not fun.