What is it lately? The warmer weather must be bringing with it more attitude, or maybe company execs are looking at first-quarter numbers and are feeling the need to push on the gas or at least their boot to the lower-level managers. Regardless of the reason, I’ve recently sat in multiple presentations where industries seem to be hammering each other, all trying to convince folks that their company, business model, and industry are safe and growing…while everyone or at least one other competing industry is a big turd.

  • Television says radio is dead.
  • The radio says print is dead.
  • Print says the internet isn’t as hot as it once was.
  • Digital folks say everything but digital is dead.

Is any of this true? Is any of this that simple or black and white?

I say no. While it’s no doubt that print and television and radio companies are losing considerable market share, that doesn’t mean that they are “dead”. At least not yet. Even though Directv packages keep on decreasing on price, the market seems to be dropping just a tad bit due to the economy.

Here’s a thought, rather than every “old media” industry completely looking at itself as a one and only marketing channel taking an “us or them” mentality, they would find much more success with creatively finding ways to intertwine multiple channels.

If I’m a brand and only spending money online, I’m much more open to listening to a radio ad salesperson acknowledging my online goals and showing me how radio can enhance them. I’m not interested in listening to how I’m throwing my money away with an unproven medium and need to immediately pull all dollars and switch to them.

Marketing can have many roads to success. The more that these “old industry” mediums can acknowledge that the web is never going away and only going to get bigger, the faster they’ll start thinking about how to integrate their mediums with the web. If they can show a sensible transition of their content and how it natural plays with the web, they’ll find themselves actually growing.