New Twitter Number of Users is down…Should You Care?

RJ Metrics recently released its latest update for Twitter Number of Users and Twitter User Engagement statistics.

As a sceptic, I’m wary of most social media statistics.  However, as a marketer, it’s my job to analyze data that comes my way and offer my opinions and analysis of how it will affect you or your business.

You can access the data HERE.  But here’s a rundown.

  • Number of new Twitter users per month is about 6.2 million (down about 20%)
  • Past 6 months have shown a steady decline in new Twitter account registrations
  • 2009 ended with just over 75 million active users
  • An average Twitter user has 27 followers (down from 42 in August 2009)
  • 80% of Twitter users have tweeted 10 times or less
  • Only 20% of tweeters come back to tweet in their second month

What Do These Twitter Statistics Mean For Me or My Business?

The only clear sign that these statistics show…is that most of the Twitter users you are going to interact with are going to be very loyal to the network.  Twitter is almost a perfect example of the Pareto Principle (commonly known as the 80/20 rule).

Although only 20% of users come back to tweet in their second month, the folks who do come back increase their usage over time.  That means that those who come back find value in the network and are there to stay.  This is great news for a marketer or user then can create value.  But like everything with social media marketing, it’s up to you to create value.

Actions Learned From These Statistics

  • Stay In The Fight – Your Twitter usage and effectiveness will increase over time.  If you don’t see immediate results after a week, don’t give up.  We’re reluctant to engage with a new account because most don’t come back.
  • You need to actively acquire new TARGETED followers – Many of your followers may drop off, actively acquire new followers and keep new conversations flowing
  • Create Engagement – Those who remain active on Twitter tweet regularly.  Find your targets and engage regularly
  • Monitor the conversation – spend time monitoring tweets so when you do engage you can add value
  • Build Connections – Focus on users you can continue conversations over time to build deeper relationships
  • Focus on Conversations, Not Just Retweets – With the average user only having 27 followers…most retweets won’t lead to much traffic.  It’s a great sign that they liked your content, but follow up with a conversation.

Although these stats do point that Twitter may have “peaked” for rising new users.  However, Twitter is not going anywhere soon.  The social network has 75 million users and although it’s not climbing as fast as last year, it’s still a social media force.

That being said, Twitter is not for everybody.  Do your research and analyze how the social network will work for your business before you dive in.  Otherwise, you’ll find little value and be another fallen user who never comes back.  If you’re having trouble seeing the benefits with your accounts, contact me.  I love the network and have found Twitter to be quite useful.

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