My Shiny New Blog

Well, it’s definitely not shiny…at least not yet.  But I wanted to begin writing before the world and marketing thinkers and other bloggers pass me by.  This blog will focus on what I am labeling Real-Time Marketing.

I have a passion for this area of marketing and we are finally at a time where the technology and accessibility of tools can finally make this a reality.  I look forward to your comments…stay tuned for much much more!!!

And yes, I’m aware that the aesthetics are less than pleasing.  But I wanted to get writing and I’ll worry about making it look pretty later.  Just please be patient.

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Scott S Bishop
Scott S. Bishop is editor for Real Time Marketer and a marketing strategist with a specialty in social media. He is an avid blogger and active across the net. He is @thescottbishop on Twitter
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