Let’s face it, either you know someone, work for someone or are someone who has a product, service or app that you just won’t launch. You’re jazzed on the idea, you think it’s a viable business model and you just know people are going to want it. But it’s just not right…yet.

It’s time for an intervention. Launch your damn project! NOW. You are never going to be completely satisfied with your product in the beginning so get over the fact that it’s not perfect yet.

Unfortunately, it’s just as likely that the real problem with your launch is that it’s easier to be working on something than launching it. Working on something never lets us be vulnerable to the criticism that can come with it. The reality is, of course, is that criticism will make your product better. And so will launching it now. Your website doesn’t need to be finished. Your app doesn’t need to be completely bug-free.

People are forgiving if they like your idea:

Launching now lets others get behind your idea. Launching now puts you out in front before someone with your idea takes the momentum. Launching now builds an email list of potential customers who are interested in your product.

Your product/idea will be not be perfected by you, it will be perfected by your customers:

By launching now, you create an opportunity for you getting instant feedback, the ability to track how users are using your product or website. This type of feedback will most likely lead to options you thought were needed that aren’t, and features you need to provide that you never considered.

Accept the reality that your product will not be in the final version today. It won’t be in the final version next week. It most likely will never be in the final version, at least not without a lot of feedback from real people who are using it. That’s what Beta versions are for.

Don’t worry about the first adopters freaking out and rioting until your project goes down in flames. As long as you’re completely upfront and transparent about the state of where you are and why you are launching now they will forgive you more often than they won’t.

But launch now, or your day may never come. When a window of opportunity is closed, it locks. Jump through it and be your own safety net.