Like it or not…we are all brands on the web.  A brand is simply the way people feel about you or your company, and this directly applies to your online profiles whether you are selling something or not.

What emotions come up when people see an email from you, a direct message, a link you send?  Are they happy to help  Are they excited to see what content you’ve provided for them?  Or do they roll their eyes and hit delete?

If you asked your networks…”Am I selfish”…what would they say?

One of the most important factors of social media is engagement.  So how much engagement are you giving vs receiving?

  • Are you leaving comments on other blogs?
  • Are you ReTweeting other peoples tweets and links?
  • Are you engaging in other Facebook Fan pages
  • On your LinkedIn groups do you just watch the activities and news become posted or do you comment?

Or…do you simply push your own agenda to anyone that happens to stumble across your profiles?  Or worse…push your own selfish agenda to your customers and friends.

Social media is popular because you must give as well as take.  You can push your agenda.  You can push out your links and posts.  You can ask people to join your groups, and pages, and committees.  You can push your own agenda as much as you would like.

But eventually, many people will begin to resent your online profile.  They may like you in person…but you’re just way too pushy online.  The balance between how much you give vs what you ask for is a delicate and important ratio for social media.

You will never become successful in social media until you also give back and participate.