The Gossip Girl Badge is one of of the most elusive foursquare badges to unlock.  Very few folks have figured out exactly how to unlock it.  Originally the Gossip Girl Badge was called the “Socialite” Badge but was later changed to “Gossip Girl in NYC.”

There’s been speculation about checking into locations where the show was filmed in Los Angeles or San Fransisco, but  from what we’ve found that isn’t the case.

Here’s How To Unlock Gossip Girl

Start by following the Gossip Girl profile, the branded page claims to offer insight as to where to unlock this badge.

Or you could just go to these locations which are tagged as “Gossip Girl” and located exclusively in New York City, and check in 3 times.  That seems to be the only thing we’ve found to work so far.

After you’ve unlocked the badge, your shout should read:

Spotted: A true foursquare socialite. Chuck Bass would be impressed. xoxo

Venues Where to unlock the Foursquare Gossip Girl Badge

New York

I don’t live in New York so you’ll have to be my eyes and ears.  Let me know if you have success with this.  And def let me know if any additional venues bring you success.

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