How To Make Your Tweets Go Viral, By Kenneth Cole

If I had a nickel for every time I heard a company mention that their product launch strategy was “to go viral”, well, then I’d have a shit load of nickels. There are certainly some specific strategies and tactics your brand can do to create content that has a better chance of going viral, but these never foolproof. You can create a brilliant campaign and do all the right things, but for some reason sometimes your content just doesn’t take off.

However…there is ONE foolproof plan that is absolutely guaranteed to make your content go viral no matter what.  There is one way that you can send the internet into a frenzied buzz.  There is one tactic that no matter how hard you try and stop the thunderous wave of momentum you just can’t.

Drumroll, please…

The absolute guaranteed no chance it won’t work way to get your company’s content to go viral is to do something really really distasteful for the pure reason of self-promotion.

Now I’m not talking about something that just doesn’t make much marketing sense (McDonald’s “I’d Hit It” campaign).  Or even about creating a bad product that nobody wants (Crystal Clear Pepsi).  Come on, step your game up…

I mean you need to blow people away by offering content that would be determined by most in bad taste and many as offensive, all while having the panache to have absolutely no clue it’s either.

So when I saw a Tweet this morning from Kenneth Cole get passed around on Twitter, I thought…wow…congrats…that shit’s gonna go viral.  And low and behold their strategy worked.

In just a few hours their tweet was Retweeted a few hundred times. A fake Kenneth Cole PR twitter handle has been created to add more fuel.  And I imagine Facebook Pages are being added as I type. Nice work Kenny!!

So the marketing lesson we can all learn is that whenever you’re looking to go viral…find the most publicized crisis going on in the world and then tie your brand’s new product launch.  Tad dah!

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Scott S Bishop
Scott S. Bishop is editor for Real Time Marketer and a marketing strategist with a specialty in social media. He is an avid blogger and active across the net. He is @thescottbishop on Twitter
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