How To Get Hits To Your Blog Without More Content

Generally, the rule of thumb on how to get hits to your blog or website is that you need to create more content. The more you write, over time, the more traffic will come in. While this is certainly true, it’s absolutely inefficient. New blog posts take a lot of time and effort to create. I think the easier move is to make the content that you’ve already written go farther and work harder.

I’ve highlighted four easy techniques on how to get hits:

Increase Your Content Click Through Rate:

CTR on Google Webmaster

Click through rate for your blog is the percentage of people that click on your website / blog from searching specific keywords. Generally your click thru rate is pretty proportionate to what position your post ranks in search engines. Statistically, the top spot in Google gets 38.19% of clicks, number two 21.73%, and the third place averages 11.94% of the clicks that search for it.

(Click here to read about click through rates for serp)

While these may be the averages, they are not set in stone. As you can see I have a post with a CTR of 46% that ranks 4.3 . That link is performing much higher than the average. Start by finding how your own posts are converting. Go to Google Webmasters and find out your blog’s CTR. Match up your posts based on their ranking and see if your posts are performing lower than the averages.

For those that are not converting clicks based on a high search engine ranking, change up and rewrite your post Meta Description. This is the paragraph that shows up on Google under the URL that describes the post. Have you even written one? How does it compare to others on the page? Think of the meta description as a sales letter and you have 160 characters to sell why someone should click on your link.  Sell it.

Get Linked In Other People’s Posts

Getting other writers to link out to your content is a fantastic way on how to get hits. When I wrote a post for Mashable, I had free traffic for weeks because my bio linked back to this blog. The problem though is that a guest post means writing content and guest posting on other blogs can take a lot of time and a ton of work. This post is about how to get hits without writing content. With little effort, you can sign up for link networks like Eightfold Logic Linker that connect your site with similar blogs and link back to your content. The benefit is more SEO juice and free traffic. You can also use social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to post older content that might generate new life from your network who may have not read those posts before. You can use tools like Buffer to set up a post schedule to your social networks.

Social Bookmarking

An easy technique on how to get hits, and in some cases a ton, is to utilize social bookmarking sites like Reddit, StumbleUpon, and Digg. Some content plays better on these sites than others, but Reddit was a huge source for viral traffic to our zombie campaign and StumbleUpon continues to be a top refer to this blog.

The Need To Rank Better

The most obvious way how to get hits without writing new content is to have your old content rank better in Google.  While it may be obvious, SEO generally leaves people’s heads spinning as they don’t know what to do. For a quick analysis of your blog use SEMRush and run a quick report to see where each post ranks. If you see any links that rank well (I’d look for those in the top 10-15) add ten to fifteen back-links within your own blog posts and you’ll see some upticks in some of your own links. There are better SEO strategies but that will work.

So content may be the best way to keep your blog or website fresh, but it’s not the only way on how to get hits. These are some quick ideas that require little effort to maximize the content you’ve already produced. If you’ve got your own ideas, leave them in the comments. Best of luck.

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