How to get followers on Twitter is a mad scientist.  Like it or not, if you’ve chosen Twitter to market yourself or your brand, you’re going to need to learn how to get followers.

Is there an exact science on how to get followers on Twitter?  Yes.  And No.

There are certain steps you can take to get followers on Twitter, but understand that knowing how to get followers on Twitter and actually achieving that goal are two different things.  It takes some time and energy to achieve your goals.  Twitter is not a quick fix and success does not happen overnight.

Your focus should be on Targeted followers, not numbers.  Buying an ebook or “system” to get thousands of followers on Twitter is a complete waste of your money.  Even if they work, the only followers you’re attracting are others who bought the same ebook or “system” and now you’ve got thousands of followers who have zero interest in you, zero interest in your company, and offer you absolutely nothing.

Your top focus for getting followers on Twitter should be attracting targeted folks who value your content and engage with you.  If you don’t have that…there is no reason to be on Twitter and you should spend your time elsewhere.

Have a Consistent Voice

Having a consistent voice is the most basic and best advice I can offer any brand or individual about Twitter.  Decide what your voice is going to be, and stay on target.  If you’re a brand on Twitter, this is pretty easy.  You’re going to be tweeting about your products, business, and industry.  But if you’re on Twitter like you, a personal brand, it’s not so cut and dry.  Decide what goals you want to accomplish.

For example, I was active on Twitter long before I had this blog as a platform for my voice.  My goal on Twitter was clear…I was going to be someone known for offering great marketing and social media content.  So each day I tweeted the articles I felt were solid and was currently reading.  After a while, you begin to be trusted as a source for information and a go-to for whichever particular niche you decide to focus on.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t tweet information about other interests or add some personality.  Absolutely tweet what you find interesting, but you need an overall arching theme to your profile.  It can be anything you choose, just make sure you’re consistent.

Be Active

If you’re going to be on Twitter, your profile must be active.  This means you are tweeting every day.  If you’re scared about being tethered to a computer all day long, don’t be.  You can send a Tweet from any cell phone by using the SMS text function.  Twitter is about communication and engagement.  If you’re not active, you don’t offer any value.  If you make the decision to be on Twitter, commit to being an active valuable member.

Be Local

Being local on Twitter is important.  Have your city on your profile as to where you are tweeting from.  Don’t have geo-location numbers, have an actual physical place.  When I look to see who is following me, I’m more likely to follow back those from my location.  If you live in a suburb, select the larger city for your profile.  Being local also gives you a sense of community.  Tweet about what’s happening in your city, and follow others that are local.