The biggest social networking site on the Internet is Facebook.  After only 5 yrs, the site now has over 300 million users.  Your organization can not afford not to have a presence on Facebook for no better reason than…you need to fish where the fish are.  And this is where the fish are!

Many organizations have created Facebook fan pages, in fact, at the beginning of 2009, there were 620,00 pages

While a Facebook Page may be an excellent way to keep people up to date on what happens on their blogs or businesses, it can also be a fantastic way to way to add solid numbers to your email opt-in leads.  Most websites and blogs are designed to feature a section where users can submit their email addresses, but this strategy is often ignored on Facebook?

Why?  If you have synched your blog to Facebook, or inform “Fans” or potential customers with updates to your business…why would you also neglect to have your email opt-in option on Facebook as well?  The most common reason is simply that most users were unaware of this feature.

Since we’ve already established that this is where the fish are…Facebook can be a terrific source of new sign-ups for your newsletters, Free content, or whatever else you have selected to offer email subscribers.

I personally use Aweber for my business email list, but this particular service is not necessary for this post.  Any email subscription service with an HTML code option will work.

Of the few Pages I was able to find Email opt-in options, most were only used as a “Tab”.  Meaning, that Fans needed to click on the “Tab” in order to be taken to the opt-in box.  While I think this approach is sound, I think the better option is to place the email opt-in box on the main page.   I will provide instructions on how to do both.

In order to keep this post a manageable length, I have decided to make it two parts.  This is part 1. (Update: Here is Part 2)  We’ll focus on how to add an email opt-in option to a tab on your Facebook Page.

Step by Step Instructions – Facebook Email Opt-In Tab

  1. Log into your Facebook account.
  2. Once you’ve logged in, go to the search box in the upper right-hand corner and type in “FBML”.
  3. Locate the application labeled “Static FBML”.  It should appear first on the list.  (If you have trouble deciding which is the correct app, it has around 3.7 million users.  No other app on your search should be anywhere close)
  4. Click the icon or the “Static FBML” text link.
  5. Locate “Add to My Page” on the left side and click it.
  6. A new window will open containing a full list of all of your Facebook pages.  Select which page you would like to add and click the “Add to Page” button.
  7. After you’ve added the app, it’s time to bring up your page.  On the bottom left of the Facebook interface you’ll see several options, and next to “application” you should see a picture of an “f” with what looks like a door.  That’s the “Ads and Pages” icon, click it.
  8. A new page will appear.  Towards the top, you should see “Ads Manager”, “Pages”, and “Help”.  Click the “Pages” link.
  9. Locate the Page where you added the Static FBML app, and select “Edit Page”.
  10. In the Applications section, scroll down until you find the section that reads “FBML”.  Directly to the right is a pencil icon, click it.
  11. Administration options will appear, select “Edit”.
  12. Change the “Box Title” to something appealing that will get your reader’s attention.  My page is designed to distribute Real-Time promotions so I chose “Get Discounts Via Email“.
  13. Now, add your email opt-in HTML (You will find this at the service you use, mine is Aweber).  Note: for Aweber members, be sure that you use” Raw HTML Version”. Copy and Paste.
  14. Once you’re done, select “Save Changes”.
  15. Now, go back to your page. (top right should be a link)
  16. Once you get back to your page, click on the tab with the plus (+) sign.  It will be aligned with your “Wall”, “Info”, etc. and choose the name of the Box Title you chose.

Congratulations…you have now added a Tab to your Facebook Page for your fans to sign up for emails. This concludes Part 1.  Tomorrow I will go into how to create a “Box” on your Facebook Page with the same Email Opt-In. 

See ya then!