Google+ Is Finally Relevant…Just Ignore That Gun To Your Head

Google+ currently has 62 million users and change. But if those users are anything like me, they are relatively inactive. I’m pretty much connected to the same people I’m already connected with on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. I have no use for another social network that doesn’t do Facebook better than Facebook, Twitter better than Twitter, or LinkedIn better than LinkedIn.

I’ve recommended that most of my clients stay away from diving in outside of a few where the user base demographics make sense to be active. But for the majority of businesses, there is no need to spend more time on a network that won’t drive results.

Google+ Is Finally Relevant

The time has come to announce that Google+ is now relevant. (insert sigh)

  • Is it from a new user base goal they’ve reached….nope?
  • Oh, some awesome new feature they can offer marketers? Try again.
  • Sweet analytics we can use to enhance strategy. Nada.

This week Google announced that Google+ will start to effect search results. This means that Google+ has now become relevant because Google is going to force you to start using it. As much as people (including me) will bitch about how this is total crap and not fair…it is a new reality.

You’ll see posts about how we should all go to Bing and boycott Google. These are the same hollow threats that people give about quitting Facebook when a new privacy violation is reported. No one is going to stop using Google based on this news.

So give Google+ a few moments of your time. Not cause it’s fun, or productive, or beneficial to marketers over other social networks…but because you have to.

This feels forced. If left alone and offering better features over time I would have come over to the Google+ boat anyway. But I’m defiant by nature. If you make me do something I’ll generally find a way not to like it regardless of features. Strong-arm tactics don’t initiate fans who will spread their passion to others. Reminds me of the sobbing mob of “sad” women at Kim Jong Il’s funeral. It’s easy to display excitement or emotions or energy with a gun to your head.

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Scott S Bishop
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