So the holidays are upon us and everyone is in good spirits.  It seems like our lives are more intertwined with technology more and more each season.  While social media activities seem to track and shout our every move, beware.

These four activities will be sure to spoil even the Grinch this holiday season.

Tweeting From Someone’s Back Seat While You’re In Your Front Seat

We all have read horror stories about the dangers of texting while driving, and even the deadly tweeting while driving…but that doesn’t seem to really stop many of us.  With traffic, a nightmare as last-minute shoppers floods the shopping centre parking lots and torrential snowfall blankets the highways…make sure you’re paying attention to the roads.

Slamming your car into some because you just had to check out what mall Justin Bieber was tweeting from probably won’t fly with your insurance company.

Ruining Gift Surprises With Foursquare

We all know the meaning of Christmas is, of course, getting badass gifts.  But it’s also fun to give away a few too.  So watch your check-ins on Foursquare. If your friends or loved ones follow your social media activity, check-in on Foursquare could give away where you’re shopping and give away a holiday surprise.  (

(Oh, and if you don’t believe my getting badass gift crack, watch this.)

Getting The Best Deal – Then Having It Not Show Up

Who doesn’t like deals?  The internet and several apps make shopping the internet a cinch.  We can compare prices around the country in seconds.  As Christmas gets closer and closer, those deals get more ferocious as retailers and websites try to end their year strong and basically give away the farm.  But if you’re waiting for last-minute beware.

While you may be working with the uber precision of Amazon or Zappos, you might be relying on the US Postal Service and clear weather.  So congrats, you saved big money on a super sweet gift.  But don’t blame me if you’re standing around waiting for it to show up the day after Christmas.

Disconnecting With What Matters Most

I’ll try to end this list with a bout of seriousness.  Put your phone down.  Turn off your computer.  Put your iPad back in your bag.  Social media tools enable us to connect with more people than we could ever dream of.  Unfortunately, as we’re busy trying to connect with people over long distances, sometimes that’s at the expense of connecting with those that are closest to us.

Remember why you work this hard and the importance of those who support you the most.  Hug your Mom.  Have a beer and catch up with your Dad.  Laugh with friends.  Kiss those you love.  Never lose that human connection we can’t get through technology.