This is my first book review on Real-Time Marketer, and I couldn’t be happier to review Monica O’Brien‘s new book, Social Pollination.

I’ve been lucky to know Monica for about a year, she’s an amazing marketing talent and is one of the professionals out there who truly “gets” social media”.  She’s managed to take her marketing expertise and condense it down to an entertaining social media resource.

(Please note: Yes Monica is a friend, but that has no effect on my review.  I would never jeopardize the trust and credibility that I work so hard to build with each and every one of you.  I will never endorse a product I don’t personally use or believe in.  Great, now on with the review)

social polination

Social Pollination: Escape the Hype of Social Media and Join the Companies Winning At It

What’s it About: The title is beautifully simplistic and direct.  Although a quick read (236 pgs), Social Pollination is filled to the brim with top insights, facts, and relevant business examples of companies that are using social media and achieving real results.  The idea of social pollination is that companies are now populating social media sites with content to let the message spread.  With so many buzz words floating around out there, I really like this title.  It’s a terrific analogy for the power of social media.

Why You Should Read It: Social Pollination is a chapter after chapter of how to’s…the book gives you an applicable blueprint for social media success.  This book is not full of meaningless fluff and abstract examples that often take over marketing books.  Social Pollination is a fun and fast read but packed with statistics and full descriptions that are robust enough to offer valuable insights but won’t make you scramble to Google to find out what she’s talking about.  This is a book that you’ll come back to use as a resource time and time again.

A challenge for any author writing about social media is relevancy.  It’s difficult to select the information that will be relevant on the day it’s written, and the same day it’s published.  Nothing worse than reading Friendster statistics.  Monica has pulled this off beautifully with information you can use today as well as tomorrow.

What You Can Expect To Walk Away With:

  • A full understanding of exactly what social media is
  • Relevant business examples that you can actually relate to your business
  • Solid knowledge of how social media can be leveraged for your business goals
  • Specific steps needed to create a social media strategy that ties to business results
  • Specific “how to” use social media tools to implement for your strategy
  • Measurement tips to follow the progress of your strategy

Anyone can learn from this book.  The audience is geared towards newer users…but I consider myself quite advanced in social media and I still found great nuggets of content I can put to use today.  I am highly recommending Social Pollination.  You can check it out HERE