Read anything about blogging advice and SEO is bound to enter an early chapter.  I say throw out any thoughts of writing for SEO traffic.  Your readers are your top priorities, not Google.

Drop the SEO mindset…at least at first.

Yes, organic traffic is great.  I track mine on a daily basis about what is drawing in new readers and what’s not.  But I DO NOT let SEO control my posts.  I admit, my traffic from search engines is small, very small.  Right now I only have about 8% of this blog’s traffic coming from Google and other search engines.  Any blogging expert evaluating that stat would say that this blog is a miserable failure.  But it’s obviously not or you wouldn’t be reading this right now.

You most likely came across this post because you are one of the 761 readers who subscribe to this blog, follow me on Twitter, or saw someone who did that passed it to their networks.

I write for my readers…not Google

Yes, I have no doubt my traffic could be higher if I wrote topics for SEO.  But I’d rather have an engaged community of readers that are loyal, active, and interested in my content post after post.

When you’re thinking about a post only in terms of SEO, you’re putting content on the back burner.  Don’t.  When you’re starting out your blog you need to be focused on content.  Build up a base of readers by having interesting and engaging topics.

The trouble with the SEO mindset is that the topics you write about aren’t based on your reader’s interest. Your posts are based on what you think will get the most traffic from Google. Your creativity is at the mercy of the search engine.  How boring is that!

I’m not the guy that’s trying to teach you how to make $10 a month from your blog.

I am the guy who will do everything he can to offer suggestions and information to build a brand…a real brand.  Something that conjures up real emotions when your targeted prospects think of it.  If that’s what you want, write content with your readers in mind.

Focus on building a community of readers that will come back to your blog time and time again because you’re a trusted source of information.  You should optimize each post to the best you can, just make sure that this mindset doesn’t invade your creative thinking.  There are still certain techniques you can use or WordPress plugins that optimize your posts that I use.  But I’m not writing post topics because they got 2400 searches each month.

Build your base of loyal traffic first.  Write such fantastic content that your base spreads the word for you to gain even more traffic.

Communities and social media empires are built from loyal relationships…not from search engines.