Many social media marketers have become the company “Facebook guy/girl”. While this is a fine place to start off your digital marketing career, it is not a destination or label you want to become permanent. Simply being branded as the company’s person who is responsible for posting content does not create long term value and you’ll never get a seat at the big kid marketing table if you don’t start to provide your team, your bosses, and your company with more.

As important as it is to work hard, it’s equally important to be able to communicate how your activities directly align with goals and growth. I’ve highlighted five questions that you need to be able to articulate with others. Your boss or company executives should be asking you these questions already but my guess is that they are not. So start bringing them up.

How Are We Doing?

How your social media strategy is going may seem like an elementary question but most social media marketers cannot answer it beyond “good” or “fine”. Good or fine are not answers, they’re opinions.  You need to understand exactly how your efforts are driving marketing and business goals. The better you can align your actions to company success the more value you can prove you’re worth. The more specific the better. Concrete statistics regarding outcomes should be what you strive to record and report.

How Can We Get In Front Of More Eyeballs?

As a social marketer, your job is to generally either to increase awareness or increase sales. Either way, you need to get in front of eyeballs to accomplish this. If you’ve been successful at attracting one new customer or been able to reach one qualified target you should have a plan for how to reach two. If two, then how can you reach four…and so on. Answering this shows a drive to connect with prospects and keeps you focused on how to track it.

What Should We Be Doing?

Whether or not you’re asked, you should be supplying recommendations. Opinions are for suckers, instead, provide recommendations with numbers and statistics to back them up. If you think you need a mobile app, then provide information exactly why it will be successful and why the investment makes sense. Become an invaluable asset by providing a blueprint of actions that will help move the dial faster and or more efficiently.

What Results Can We Expect?

Success is often determined based on expectations. Too often expectations are set way too high when it comes to social media campaigns. You need to be able to establish accurate expectations and properly communicate them.


Every good marketer should be on a continuous journey to want to know more. Why are we having success? Why are we coming up short? Why isn’t the content being shared more? Why are we getting more website traffic? Each previous question’s answer needs to be followed up with a “why”.  The why takes us from a snapshot of results to action steps for improvement.

The faster you start providing data and answers to these social media marketing questions, the faster you’ll start showing others the true value of your work. See you at the big kid table.