February is here and time to start a torrid pace of blogging.  Here at the Real-Time Marketer, I like to set experiments and try tactics and techniques to record and analyze results.  This makes reporting new strategies that have been tested, easier for you.

So February will be an entire month of blogging.  Each day will have a new blog post.  I intend this to dramatically ramp up traffic to the RTM (Real Time Marketer), RSS Subscribers, and general awareness to the blog.  I’m excited to see what results will come from this fast-paced month.

I’ve been very pleased with the results of this blog up till this point, but every now and again a change of pace and increase is necessary to give some momentum.  Throughout the month I’ll be trying different strategies to help boost both traffic and subscribers.  At the end of the month, I’ll report back with the results.

To help make this month easier, I’ve already established at least 20 different topics to write about.  The remaining eight I’ll think of sometime within the month.

So get ready for a wave of new information and marketing related posts.