20 Quick Tips To Increase Your Facebook Ads Effectiveness

Facebook Ads Effectiveness Can Break Or Bring The Bank

There are many reasons that people use Facebook. In fact, a survey of users found that the number one reason people use Facebook is to “See what my friends are up to”. Unfortunately, no one said they use Facebook to be advertised to. That’s bad news for you because an ad with low effectiveness can drain your budget fast.

The good news is, however, that compared to other online display ads the Facebook ad CTR is extremely high. But it’s still only around 2%. Many of my clients request Facebook advertising and as a social media marketer, you need to know how to create ads that convert to clicks.

Here  are 20 tips for better Facebook Ads Effectiveness

  1. Make sure that your image tells the story of your message (it needs to grab attention)
  2. Be sure that your image is relevant.
  3. Be aggressive in your text but not insulting
  4. CPM can be less expensive per click than CPC but it’s a risk, so make sure you put a cap on your daily budget.
  5. To test your Facebook ads’ effectiveness, check the conversion rates after two days. If it’s lower than 2%…try a new sample target.
  6. Send your ad to a Facebook page, users do not want to be sent to a landing page outside of Facebook.
  7. Use proper grammar with no ALL CAPS and shortened or appreciated words. Make things clear.
  8. Don’t go with an initial target audience below 50,000 people. Any lower than that is to small of a sample group.
  9. Use colors that are contrasting to all of the blue…such as green or red.
  10. Add a copy inside of your image to add to the content that sticks out.
  11. Lead your ad to a branded and customized landing page that has a similar look and feel to your ad
  12. Use horizontal / landscape images to ensure you’re maximizing the space available (which is 110×80 pixels).
  13. Have a strong call to action. Tell people what they need to do.
  14. Bribes work. Tell your audience why or what they get for their click.
  15. Shorter ad copy is better than clutter. Cut out what you can.
  16. Ads with people, and especially close-ups of faces and eyes tend to get a higher click-through rate.
  17. If appropriate to your audience, use a locally recognizable photo.
  18. Multilayer your targeting as specific as you can be (get to know your audience)
  19. If your campaign CPC drops off a cliff…wait a week or two and try a message to bring your campaign back to life.
  20. You can usually get away by offering a relatively close to the lowest suggested bid. Might as well save money where you can.

I hope that helps! I’ve got a campaign going right now and these are the techniques and approaches that we use help us boost our Facebook ads effectiveness. If you have any suggestions you use, drop them in the comments.

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