There are thousands of companies and brands that use Twitter to promote and market their business.  There are right ways and wrong ways how business use twitter.  Here’s a quick list of the mistakes many of them make.  If you find anything on the list that accurately portrays your social media marketing…wise up fast and change your ways.

1.  You Have No Twitter Profile

Although Twitter is gaining in popularity…most businesses and brands are still not on the social network.

2.  Your Profile Isn’t Active

An inactive profile is worse than not having one at all.  It shows you don’t care about your followers and aren’t interested in conversations.  Get active…shoot for 5 tweets per day plus any that are directed @ you.  I advise more…but that’s a good start.

Blunders Businesses Make On Twitter

3.  You Show No Personality

Social media allows an amazing ability to truly get to know the person behind the profile.  Show some personality.  Speak like a person…not a press release.

4.  You Don’t Follow People Back

I understand that not all followers are targets for a particular business.  But when I see a company that has 10,000 Twitter followers and only following 11 back.  It’s pretty clear there is no interest of a discussion going on in the network and that provides little value to me.

5.  You Don’t Have Enough Followers

I know, I know…people are going to let me hear all about how “quality over quantity” when it comes to social networks.  And that’s certainly true.  But you’re definitely not going to advance business objectives with 150 followers.  There is no perfect number of exactly how many followers will equal certain results.  But if you’re going to take the time to be active on Twitter, you should be focused on attracting targeted followers that can value from your business.

6.  You’re Not Listening

Like it or not, people are talking about you, your business, or at least your industry.  See how people are speaking about your industry to identify possible trends and opportunities.

7.  You’re Not Monitoring

People expect brands to be listening…are you?  You need to have, at the very least keyword monitoring systems in place.  If someone mentions your business, good or bad…you need to be listening.  If there is a customer complaint, handle it promptly and publicly.

8.  You Don’t Offer Value

You need to be able to answer the following statement: “People will want to follow me on Twitter because of ______” .  And telling folks about your business is not a reason.  Offer value.  Dig deep and figure out what your networks want.  Then give it to them.

9.  You Don’t Promote Your Network

There are many within your network who are raving fans and actively promoting your good work to their friends.  Return the favor and promote what they’re doing too.  It shows that you’re interested and care about your networks, and that’s what makes Twitter wonderful.

10.  You Have No Twitter Partnerships

Why not cross-promote with a few other local businesses who are on Twitter?  There are many businesses that make sense to cross-promote with…find them and contact them.  Agree to Re-Tweet their important info and links.  Or just tweet about their services to your networks.  Even if you don’t have an “agreement” with another business, do it anyway.  You (as a person) have to have some favorite local businesses, tweet about them.

11.  You Don’t Participate In Face to Face Engagements

Folks on Twitter are getting together all the time at “Tweet Ups”.  Find when these are happening in your neck of the woods and go to them.  You don’t even need to go officially as “your business”, just go as a real person.  Better yet, host or sponsor a tweetup or event for your most active followers.