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Search engine optimisation used to be simple; the right keywords had to appear in the text and a few backlinks had to lead to your own homepage, and you could rank on the first page of search engines by using any SEO company and traffic to your website.

These times have been over for many years. Modern Search Engine Optimisation consists of disciplines that build on each other, and only if you are well positioned in each of these disciplines with the help of a SEO specialist from a reported SEO company, will long-term success occur as part of your digital marketing journey.
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Comprehensive SEO Advice by Best SEO Consultants

Whether you want to optimise your website or you want to start with a new internet presence, we will be happy to support you with advice on your SEO measures and help with your Search Engine rankings, which you can then carry out yourself or Sign up for one of our SEO Packages. Within the scope of this consulting our marketing company also clarify whether you have exploited all possible avenues of growth. Often, it is also helpful to have an external view on online projects in order to effectively optimise your search engine results.


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A Look Under the Hood (SEO Scan, Test & Audit)
In this step, the current situation of the website is analyzed in detail. How strong is the website right now? Is there a healthy ratio of DoFollow / NoFollow backlinks? Is the link profile natural? These types of questions are answered, and by means of an SEO score it creates a reference point to compare future progress with.

Keyword Research & Analysis
Intensive research using keyword research tools like the Google Adwords Keyword Tool and Ahrefs to find lucrative and easy keywords. The keywords that can have the greatest impact on your business are found and listed in a table together with monthly search volume, difficulty of competition and indication of profitability.

Competition Analysis
This section examines how your competitors are doing. It also gives you an overview of the keywords that generate the most sales for them. Finally, the weak spots are exposed. In short, the competition analysis looks at what your competitors are doing well and how you can take it over, while at the same time advising on their weaknesses where you can easily take potential customers away.

Link building
We analyze which type of links could have the most value for your website. For example, guest posts are very important for some industries to get a foot in the door. An effective link building strategy is put together which, when properly executed, is guaranteed to lead to 1st-page rankings. In this section, we also analyze the current links: Type, anchor text distribution, IP diversity and more.


What is SEO consulting?
SEO Consulting is an art of analyzing your website and keywords, and provide clear and targeted advice on how to optimize the site for search engines such as Google and Bing.
Who is an SEO Consultant?
A SEO Consultant’s advice is specifically focused on strategy. Ravi will personally investigate the relevant website and make an extensive report (SEO guide) of points for improvement. Ravi draws on all his own search engine marketing knowledge, experience and expertise gained over the years to create a strategy that leads to tangible results.
Does SEO Needs to be a part of Digital Marketing Strategy?
SEO should be an integral part o your online marketing strategy along with pay per click ads, Social medi marketing like Facebook Marketing, Instagram Ads etc. Organic Traffic is Free and once your website ranks on Page 1, It will stay there for a very long time for the KWs that are ranking
Does SEO Still Work?
As long as there is organic search being performed and websites on the Search Engine Results pages, SEO won’t die. It has evolved a lot as compared to what it was a few years back. It is more technical now and not easy to do. Hence you need the support of a good Technical SEO consultant for your web properties who will help you publish SEO optimised high quality content and make sure your website performs the way you desire .
What sort of project management is involved in SEO Projects
We follow a PDCA model where we have a look at your website from a 360 degree view. Our SEO agency will look at your web design, your social media campaigns, your pay per click ad campaign if any, your current blog posts, site speed and many other things before we layout a roadmap for success.

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